Medical IV Bags

With intravenous therapy, liquid is infused into the vein. In the medical world this is used to administer fluids and nutrition, correct electrolyte imbalances, insert medications or perform blood transfusions. Liquid substances can be supplied by all kinds of medical containers, mostly Medical IV Bags; innovative and trendsetting containers are manufactured using co-extruded multilayer films (so-called IV Films) based on TPE compounds.

Our expertise in TPE compounds for IV Films goes back to the early nineties, when the Wittenburg Group started producing materials for IV Films as a suitable alternative to common PVC films. Since then we have been trendsetters in the market segment of primary packaging of medical liquids/solutions.

Today we offer a wide range of TPE compounds for multilayer IV Films. These can be extruded on conventional blown-film or cast lines, as well as on special water-quenching lines. Tailor-made solutions based on customers’ needs and requirements are the expertise of our R&D experts.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for medical IV bag compounds.