Cosmetic applications

At the Wittenburg Group we offer standard and tailored grades for cosmetic applications.

Our compounds comply with the food contact regulations (FDA & EU) as well as the EC n°1223-2009 and are free of halogens, DEHP, latex and endocrine disruptors.

Our portfolio is designed for several kinds of cosmetic packaging:

  • Mascara brushes: Cawiton® COB88, COB96, COB32HR, COB90HR, COB92HR
  • Droppers & nipples: Cawiton® COD50, COD50HR, COD70, COD70HR
  • Applicators & spatula: Cawiton® COS20, COS50, COS74HR
  • Wiper: Cawiton® COW70

HR (high resistance) means that some grades are a better cosmetic bulk resistance (make-up…) versus “standard SEBS” with the same hardness.

Our strength is to customise our formulations to reach customer’s requirements like soft touch, elasticity, DRC, hardness, colour, 2K moulding (adhesion on polar grades), odour free, barrier properties, regulatory…

We support you with:

  • Elastomeric (NR, NBR, TPV, TPU etc.), silicone replacement.
  • 2K moulding on PP, PE, PBT, PA, PC, SAN etc. for grips and gaskets.
  • Soft-touch with slippery and velvet touch
  • Detectable solutions (X-ray or magnetic).
  • Magnetic or high-density solutions.
  • Coloured solutions.
  • Laser marking, ink printing.
  • Green bio-plastics.

All batches are produced following the GMP and in a medical environment ISO 13485: 2003/2012.

Due to our business in pharmaceutical & food packaging we have a strong regulatory support.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for cosmetic standard and tailored grade TPE compounds.