PA66/8C/1L4-HS Material for high repeated shock loads

Witcom PA66/8C/1L4-HS-S: a gear material for high repeated shock loads

Plastic gears are widely used because they offer many advantages compared to metal gears. Particularly for larger series, the cost of plastic gears can be up to 90% lower than metal gearing. Further cost reductions can be achieved through the design freedom afforded by thermoplastics, allowing more functions to be integrated into one component. On top of this, there are many other benefits compared to metals, like less noise, lower weight, better efficiency, and better corrosion resistance.

Some drives are subjected to repeated shock loads, for instance when a drive is blocked regularly. This can cause the failure at the root of the teeth due to fatigue. Witcom PA66/8C/1L4-HS-S has been formulated to withstand this type of loading, even at extremely low temperatures. At the other end of the scale, it can run in operating conditions of up to 120°C for prolonged periods.

This material is suitable for drives that need to transfer high torque. It offers superb mechanical strength combined with excellent wear performance. A particularly successful application area is the replacement of sintered metal gears, delivering lower cost, better performance and less noise.

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Key properties:

  • Resistance against repeated shock loads
  • High mechanical strength allowing high torque transmission
  • Can be used from -40°C to + 120°C for prolonged periods
  • Low wear
  • Excellent alternative for sintered metals