TPE’s and engineering plastics in Orthopedic applications

Orthopedic applications technology offers a broad terrain for the use of innovative materials. The field here ranges from very soft, gel-like materials, for example, pressure or shock damping in bandages and orthopedics up to high-strength or extremely tough materials for use in orthopedic shoe technology.

The diverse tasks and special requirements for such applications often require the use of tailor-made materials. As such, 2K solutions are gaining in importance but foamed materials and materials that absorb or even diffuse moisture are also possible approaches.

The Wittenburg Group has gained a broad know-how and practical development experience in the field of Orthopedic applications. We support our customers as a competent and innovative development partner for tailor-made material solutions. The long-standing, close cooperation with leading manufacturers from the orthopedic industry underpins this claim.

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