Infrared transparent compounds

Materials like our PC-IR Black and our PMMA-IR Transparent Red are infrared transmitting materials that are specifically formulated for products requiring visible light blockage while allowing infrared (IR) light (starting from about 750 nm) to pass through.

The physical properties of these products are the same as standard PC and PMMA and thus the same fabrication techniques apply.

Most transparent plastics are infrared transmitting. These grades are opaque to visible light and allow infrared light through. Unlike glass, you can put all our IR grades in front of DVR’s, cable boxes, DVD players etc. and your remote control, wireless router etc. will still work. Our PC-IR Black material only transmits infrared, which makes it ideal for hiding a CCD video camera.

Our materials find their application in IR remote control windows, IR remote control receiver windows for television, radio, CD player, CCD video cameras and movement sensors as used, for instance, in showers.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for infrared transparent compounds.