Flame retardant compounds

At the Wittenburg Group we have developed an interesting feature through the production of flame retardant compounds. It is possible to add this property to nearly all our compounds by using halogen-free, chlorinated or brominated additives. Industry shows a much greater interest in the halogen-free compounds, because of demanding environmental standards (REACH, RoHS and WEEE) as well as the requirements of higher impact strength and reduced mould corrosion.

We use the UL94 standard to determine the flame retardancy. Depending on the application this will be measured at 0,8, 1,6 or 3,0 mm wall thickness. The table below shows the requirements to obtain V-0, V-1 or V-2 classification.

Flammability rating UL 94
Burning time after flame application (s)≤10≤30≤30
Total burning time (s) (10 flame applications)≤50≤250≤250
Burning and afterglow times of specimens after second flame application (s)≤30≤60≤60
Dripping of burning specimens
(ignition of cotton batting)
Specimens completely burnedXXX


We are able to combine flame retardancy with, for example, electrical and/or thermal conductivity, reinforcement or one of our other technologies in thermoplastics. We can also support you in obtaining an official UL-listing on the material.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for flame retardant compounds.