3D materials

Main polymer suppliers have some dedicated grades for fused deposition modelling (FDM). This is an additive manufacturing technology commonly used for modelling, prototyping and production applications. It is one of the techniques used for 3D printing.

The Wittenburg Group,however, takes this field to the next level by making speciality compounds for the 3D market, improving polymers on strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, wear with low coefficient of friction, electrical and or thermal conductivity.

Together with colorFabb, we have developed several already well-known products like carbon fibre reinforced materials (XT-CF20) as well as Bronze-, Copper- ,Brass- and the latest Steelfill in the metal filled compound range.

Our engineering plastics, with a wide range of speciality compounds producing 3D materials, are creating new opportunities for 3D manufacturing. These added value materials could make new applications possible in all kind of industries like automotive, industrial, healthcare, design and retail markets, especially if lower amounts of items are needed. With evolving developments in the 3D printers market more materials, such as high temperature-resistant plastics, will become necessary.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for 3D printing materials.