Aliphatic polyketones

Aliphatic polyketones are a relatively new class of polymers with many attractive and unique properties. They are part of the engineering thermoplastics family derived from ethylene, CO  and or other alpha-olefins. Aliphatic polyketones are known to be tough, stiff and have the same thermal properties as amorphous polymers.

At the Wittenburg Group, we produce an increasing number of custom-made compounds based on aliphatic polyketone resins. These compounds include reinforced grades containing up to high levels of glass, carbon or aramid fibres. The tribological and lubricated grades include PTFE modification and the halogen free flame retardant compounds can be modified with fibre reinforcements.

These materials are characterised by a unique combination of mechanical, chemical resistance and barrier properties, hydrolytic stability, superior resilience and impact resistance, low wear and good friction characteristics, high tensile strength and elongation at yield.

The high crystallisation rates of these materials enable very short moulding cycles and high extrusion speed. Our aliphatic polyketones compounds can easily be processed on conventional moulding or extrusion equipment.

Typical industries where our compounds are used include:

  • Industrial
  • Electrical/electronic
  • Automotive
  • Office equipment
  • Appliances

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for aliphatic polyketones.