High performance technical TPE grades

At the Wittenburg Group we specialise in high performance TPE grades. These TPEs are made specifically for the needs of our customers. Together with our R&D staff and our long-standing knowledge of TPEs we can deliver on your needs.

Thermoplastic Elastomers are generally low modulus, flexible materials that can be stretched repeatedly to at least twice their original length at room temperature. They have the ability to return to their approximate original length when relaxed. At the Wittenburg Group we modify the properties of rigid thermoplastics, usually to improve the impact strength. But that’s not all, and we go even further and make it our goal to make our TPEs even better. We do this by enhancing them with all kinds of different features depending on your needs.

The Cawiton® CN grades are the high-performance technical TPE grades of the Wittenburg Group. These grades have a hardness varying from 10 to 90 Shore A. The material is opaque; this means it has a natural, light creamy colour and is not transparent. The CN grade can be easily coloured with universal, PE or PP colour master batches.

The exceptional features of CN products are:

  • They have an excellent compression set; when compressed, they come back to their original shape, even at higher temperatures. This makes them very good for sealing;
  • They are protected against UV light; this makes them suitable for outdoor applications, e.g. for door sealing;
  • They have an increased resistance to heat ageing; they last longer in hot climates and technical applications near heat sources;
  • CN is very easy to eject from the mould.

Cawiton® CN products can be processed as follows:

  • All grades can be injection moulded;
  • >40 Shore A and harder can be extruded as tubing and profiles;
  • >60 Shore A and harder can be extruded as cast film.

For other ways of processing, customised grades are available.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for high performance TPE grades.