Drink water contact TPE Solutions

With the growing global population the demand for safe drinking water is expected to show a substantial increase in the coming decades. At the same time health and safety measures as well as environmental regulations, combined with increasingly stringent legislation, are foreseen. To fulfil the need for safe drinking water, the Wittenburg Group has developed drinking water regulation-compliant Cawiton TPEs.

Cawiton compounds which are to be used in the drinking water sector generally have to display low migration values. We use qualified raw materials for drinking water applications in combination with raw material inspection and our traceable production infrastructure (Medical quality system ISO 13485).

We are able to support customers by providing recommendations and/or facilitating external testing by accredited laboratories. In order to obtain French ACS German KTW (W270) and/or UK WRAS system compliancy and to organise the required pre-testing of the Cawiton compound.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for drinking water-contact TPE solutions.