Metal and/or X ray detectable

Metal and/or X ray Detectable materials are increasingly used by the food manufacturing industry. Equipment used in food manufacture has to be detectable to prevent contamination of the final product. Metal detecting equipment is traditionally used to screen for metal contaminants; however, X-ray detection is becoming increasingly common as the equipment is getting more cost effective.

X-ray detection has the advantage of also being able to detect glass and other non-metal contaminants. We have an extensive range of market leading metal detectable, X-ray detectable and dual metal/X-ray detectable grades. The technology is independent of polymer base resin and can be glass fibre reinforced or coloured depending on the requirements.

Typical applications would be anything used during food preparation which, if damaged or misused, could end up in the final food product. By using detectable equipment throughout the manufacturing process, risk and liability can be minimised. Scrapers, buckets, scoops, paddles, utensils, knife handles and conveyors are all equipment that should be manufactured out of detectable materials when used in a food preparation environment. Our detectable grades can often be moulded in the same tools as conventional products to minimise development and production costs.

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