Airway Management

Medical companies are increasingly using TPE based grades when manufacturing airway management devices. Examples of application are facemask seals, nasal cannulas, airway tubes, corrugated tubes and connectors.  The latest developments with low hardness grades allow devices to be worn in comfort over longer periods.

2-K moulding in combination with the good adhesion between TPE and polyolefins lead to unlimited possibilities to optimise the design of airway management devices.  Good transparency with the ability to be readily coloured to bright and pastel shades as well as light tints enables the design of consumer friendly airway management products.

TPE grades are replacing PVC and silicone rubber and are adding softness and colour in many airway management applications.  Typically, TPE grades are easier to process and can be easily UV glued enabling good bonding to other components such as tubes and connectors.

Together, we can co-create your next generation airway management devices. Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for airway management TPE grades.