TPE-S provides design flexibility for medical stoppers and closures

Medical device and pharmaceutical packaging producers face challenges that are driving innovation based on TPE-S for medical stoppers and closure applications.

The success of TPE-S is provided by 2K moulding techniques which enable the production of hard/soft combinations with, for example, PP and PE. This will increase the integration level of medical stoppers and closures.

Specific Cawiton grades have been developed to offer an alternative to butyl rubber, polyisoprene and other thermoset elastomers.

By replacing traditional stopper and septum materials by Cawiton TPE, the following properties can be achieved:

  • Excellent self-sealing – excellent elastic properties and compression set;
    • Resistance to coring;
    • Enhanced purity – no crosslink chemicals used in the production process;
    • Transparent materials are possible;
    • Design flexibility – no multistep production process as needed for vulcanized materials;
    • Drug Master File and medical approvals – USP class VI, ISO 10993;
    • Can be autoclaved at maximum of 134 °C.

Together with you, our material specialists are happy to develop new materials to meet the demanding requirements for medical and pharmaceutical caps, closures and stoppers.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for medical stoppers and closures.