Blood contact

At the Wittenburg Group we have extensive experience with applications that come into contact with blood. Our Cawiton® Blood contact materials are developed with a broader focus than standard bio-compatibility; these materials have been tested according to the ISO 10993-4 standard on Hemo-compatibility.

ISO 10993-4:2017 specifies general requirements for evaluating the interactions of medical devices with blood.  In an effort to harmonize biocompatibility testing worldwide, the International Standards Organization (ISO) developed a standard for “Biological evaluation of medical devices” (ISO 10993), it is currently a 20-part standard which is used to evaluate the effects of medical device materials on the body.

Examples of applications of our Cawiton® compounds are:

  • Intravenous and subcutaneous catheters and tips.
  • Wound care.
  • Laboratory analytical labware.
  • Blood transfer systems:
    – Tubing for blood transfer.
    – Seals and pump membranes.
    – Blood heating systems and pressure regulators.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for blood contact certified TPE grades.