Reinforced plastics compounds

Our reinforced Witcom compounds are thermoplastic polymers which are modified with glass or carbon fibres, with loadings up to 60% by weight. They offer superior mechanical and thermal properties, exceptional fatigue endurance, creep resistance and resistance to high temperatures, impact and chemicals.

Because we produce no base resins, we have no bias towards any particular polymer and are therefore able to base our compounds on virtually every thermoplastic polymer available today. As a result, we offer the widest selection of glass and carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics of any source in the world and can be totally objective in developing the most cost-effective material for the most challenging applications.

With tensile strengths of >300 MPa, tensile moduli exceeding 30 Gpa, a lower density, better corrosion resistance and a high degree of design freedom, our reinforced compounds are attractive candidates for replacing traditional engineering materials in structural applications.

We can tailor our reinforced compounds to meet demanding end-user requirements since the “standard” commercial grades with glass or carbon fibres often fall short of meeting all demands. A few examples of enhancements which will help you in meeting all the moulded part specifications are:

– Increased flowability, enabling you to achieve high flow length-to-wall thickness ratios;

– Mixed glass compounds, which combine different ratios of reinforcements and fillers in order to control differential shrinkage, thus warpage, in moulded parts;

– Impact modification to address compound toughness that is often compromised with certain filler combinations;

– Addition of lubricants like PTFE, graphite, MoS2 or silicone oil for applications which require low coefficients of friction and good wear properties;

– Custom colours are possible.

At our company we like to work closely together with our customers in order to meet their technical and commercial requirements quickly and effectively.

Please contact our Witcom engineers to solve your need for reinforced compounds.