Standard technical TPE grades

The standard technical range of our technical TPE grades is the Cawiton® SN series which is offered in different hardnesses ranging from 10 to 90 Shore A.
The material is opaque; this means it has a natural, very light grey colour and is not transparent.
SN can be easily coloured with universal, PE or PP colour masterbatches.

Cawiton® SN products can be processed as follows:

-All grades can be injection moulded;
-60 Shore A and harder can be extruded as tubing and profiles;
-60 Shore A and harder can be extruded as cast film.

For other ways of processing, custom grades are available.

SN is very easy to eject from the mould.
Masterbatches are available to increase the UV resistance (for outdoor applications, for example, garden tools).

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for standard technical TPE grades.