PA6/ABS blend

Cawiton® PR12987B is a cost effective PA6/ABS blend which has been developed by the Wittenburg Group for aesthetic applications. This blend is of interest for applications such as consumer goods housing, household transportation and appliances. The blend is also applied in leisure parts and sporting goods.

The shrinkage of this blend is on the same level as PC and ABS.

Key features are:

  • High surface aesthetics
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Excellent impact and notched impact strength
  • Good low-temperature toughness
  • Good resistance to chemicals and stress cracking
  • Good surface-slip and abrasion behaviour
  • High fatigue resistance and durability
  • Easy processing, thin-wall technology possible
  • High weld line strength
  • Matt effect with grained surfaces
  • Good paintability (without stress cracks)
  • Acoustic damping
  • Antistatic behaviour
  • Available in all colours