PPS-2014-316: High temperature bearing material with extreme chemical resistance

Witcom PPS-2014/316: high temperature bearing material with extreme chemical resistance

This bearing grade has been designed to operate in the most gruelling environments: temperatures in excess of 200°C even in the presence of very aggressive chemicals. Moreover it has outstanding mechanical strength and unique wear and friction properties.

Witcom PPS-2014/316 contains a unique, proprietary high performance lubricant system. Not only is the coefficient of friction low, but is also extremely stable and independent of temperature and humidity. The components made out of this material do not exhibit troublesome slip-stick effects and hardly generate any noise. It is one of the lowest wearing materials available and can be run against a wide range of counter faces, including steel, aluminium and other plastics.

The coefficient of linear thermal expansion is adjusted so that it is in the same range as metals. As a result, the bearing/shaft combination stays within a tight tolerance field over the entire temperature range from -40 to >200°C. Since PPS hardly picks up any moisture, dimensions are not influenced by ambient humidity. This makes Witcom PPS-2014/316 the king of the bearing materials!

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Key properties:

  • Ultra-low wear
  • Very stable, low coefficient of friction
  • No slip-stick
  • Temperature range -40 to >200 C
  • CLTE in the same range as metals
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Outstanding chemical resistance