TPEs for soft touch applications

There is no limit to the usage of Cawiton TPEs in soft touch applications. Cawiton TPEs are used in a wide variety of consumer goods, personal care and home appliances that demand soft-touch cushion grips and ergonomic functionality in product design. Their acceptance is due to their high performance, soft feel, aesthetic appeal and easy colourability. In addition, Cawiton TPEs can be overmoulded on to a wide variety of engineered thermoplastics without the need for adhesives or primers. This will provide the desired haptics and also dimensional stability, hydrolysis resistance, weather resistance and high impact performance.

Manufacturers are incorporating Cawiton TPEs to add functionality, value, grip, comfort and durability to their products. This can be seen from grips for power tools or toothbrush and razor handles, to household goods or sports equipment.

Our speciality TPEs allow for design flexibility and easy processing in a wide range of products that can be soft, hard, elastic, strong, thick, thin, transparent or coloured. In addition to offering the broadest portfolio of soft-touch materials, the Wittenburg Group works with each customer to specially formulate a suitable TPE compound.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for TPEs in soft touch applications.