Dry and wet grip TPE

Providing enhanced optimal grip through a higher coefficient of friction is a relevant feature for many applications. Examples include bike handles, tool handles, anti-slip mats, water sports, and fitness equipment.

The Wittenburg Group has Cawiton® solutions for optimal grip under dry and wet (high moisture) conditions. The level of tackiness is maintained when these Cawiton® compounds are wetted, allowing the user to maintain a high level of control of the final application in all conditions. Examples which require high tackiness under wet conditions are power tools and bicycle grips. Grip can be maintained with or without gloves or shoes.

The Cawiton® dry and wet grip compounds are available in a hardness range of Shore A 25 to 85 and can be supplied in different colours. The compounds can be overmoulded on various substrates like polyolefins styrenic-based polymers but also on select polar polymers.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for dry and wet grip TPE.