2K moulding or overmoulding

With 2K moulding overmoulding it becomes possible to create combinations of hard and soft polymers. This combination leads to new opportunities to add soft touch features to the final product, or leading to a simplification of the production process and thus reduction of the final cost per part.

The Wittenburg Group has several Cawiton® overmoulding technologies available to generate good adhesion on a broad scale of a-polar and polar polymer substrates. This is done with two component moulding techniques. 2K moulding or the less preferable overmoulding technique.

Overmoulding grades for medical and technical applications are available and our R&D team is happy to advise you the optimal Cawiton® overmoulding grade for your application. This allows you to optimise the design of the final product and moulding process for optimal adhesion. With 2K moulding overmoulding technologies, we enable new opportunities to add soft touch features to the final product.

This graph shows the hardness, colour, food, medical and comments on various substrates.

ASA, ABS, SAN30 – 90 Anatural✔✔Can be translucent
PBT, PC, PET, PETG natural✔✔Can be translucent
PS, SBC natural✔XSBC >70 shore A transparent
PP, PE, Poly Polyolefin20 – 90Atransparent✔✔ 
PA49 – 90natural✔✔Transparent >70 Shore A
POM40 – 80naturalNew development
Please contact our engineers to solve your need for 2K moulding or overmoulding.