Ear plugs

Today, teenagers and young adults are enjoying music more than ever and especially louder than ever. To protect their ears, good quality earplugs have become a necessary precaution. This protection is also much needed for the industry workforce. Stringent regulations require good ear protection. At the Wittenburg Group we provide custom materials for good quality earplugs as well as soft materials for earplugs used in food processing factories, which can be detected magnetically inside food packaging. The following properties are often required:

  • High friction to keep them in the ear.
  • Low hardness to prevent irritation.
  • Safe for body contact, tested for skin irritation.
  • Resistance to ear wax/cerumen.
  • Easy demoulding – products often have complex undercut shapes and can be difficult to eject from the mould.
  • Easy cleaning with water.
  • Safe reduction of bacterial growth.
  • Optionally with extra sound absorption capacity (viscous rubber effect).
  • Can be foamed by adding a foaming agent.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for good quality compounds for ear plugs.