PA66-2014/221 High performance general purpose gear material

Witcom PA66-2014/221: high performance general purpose gear material

Plastic gears are widely used because they offer many advantages compared to metal gears. Particularly for larger series, the cost of plastic gears can be up to 90% lower than metal gearing. Further cost reductions can be achieved through the design freedom afforded by thermoplastics, allowing more functions to be integrated into one component. On top of this, there are many other benefits compared to metals, like less noise, lower weight, better efficiency, and better corrosion resistance.

Witcom PA66-2014/221 was developed specifically for high performance thermoplastic gearing. It offers low wear, even when run without external lubrication or in plastic-on-plastic gearing. This allows you to make the entire gear chain out of one material, which is not possible with most other thermoplastics.

This grade has a low and very constant coefficient of friction, which helps keep the noise of your drive to an absolute minimum. On top of this, it has excellent strength and a high thermal stability. It offers an outstanding overall property profile which makes it the material of choice for high performance gearing.

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Key properties:

  • Low wear, also for plastic-on-plastic gearing
  • Entire gear train can be constructed out of one material
  • High mechanical performance
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Low and constant friction resulting in low noise gear systems