X-ray shielding plastic compounds

X-rays are used for many medical and industrial applications. In most cases, X-rays or Gamma generators need a shielding solution to protect the operator from X-rays or Gamma radiation exposure. Examples of X-ray and Gamma radiation applications are cavers, supports, gaskets and housings. X-ray shielding solutions can also be used to determine the position of special functional equipment, for example, catheter applications.

We use Tungsten and Ceramics to give X-ray shielding properties to plastics. Tungsten gives the best shielding properties but Ceramics can also be used at a higher wall thickness. Polypropylene, TPE-S, Polyamide, PBT, PPS and PEEK can be used to make effective shielding compounds. The base polymers PPS, PSU and PEEK have the best long term stability against X-rays.

Depending on the formulations our grades are lead-free and can be coloured. All shielding grades can be processed on normal processing equipment for polymers.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for X-ray shielding plastic compounds.