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Syringe plunger seal

The Wittenburg Group has developed specific TPE materials for syringe plunger seals in both disposable and prefilled syringes. The TPE seal mounted on the end of the plunger needs to provide the sealing between plunger and barrel and ensure smooth movement of the plunger for accurate dosing control and ease of injection.

The success of TPE-S, compared to traditionally used thermoset materials, is driven by processing ease which permits cost-efficient production in high-cavity moulds and hot runner injection moulding.

Specific grades have been developed to offer an alternative to butyl rubber, polyisoprene and other thermoset elastomers.

Cawiton solutions are clean (no metals), have a long shelf-life (no leakage, stick slip) and can be sterilised by steam, EtO and gamma radiation.

Some benefits of our TPE materials are:

  • Excellent processing;
    • Consistent shrinkage resulting in tight dimensional tolerances;
    • Enhanced purity – no crosslink chemicals used in the production process;
    • Transparent and custom made colorization;
    • Design flexibility – no multistep production process as needed for vulcanized materials;
    • Regulatory compliance – USP class VI, ISO 10993;
    • Can be autoclaved at maximum of 121 °C.

Together with you, our material specialists are happy to develop new materials for your application and demands.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for syringe plunger seals.