PEEK 2007/20: a smooth running material

Witcom PEEK 2007/20: a smooth running material

Friction of thermoplastics running without an external lubricant is inconsistent. It varies over time and conditions like temperature, pressure and humidity. Witcom PEEK 2007/20 solves these issues. It has a very stable coefficient of friction which is largely independent on environmental conditions.

It was originally developed for metering pistons in the air diverter valves for a turbocharger. These pistons need to slide at controlled rate. This rate is determined by the coefficient of friction. Any variation results in fluctuating amounts of air being metered which in turn leads to an irregular “feel” for the car driver.

Witcom PEEK 2007/20 proved to be a reliable solution for the problem. It’s coefficient of friction remains constant, even over a period of many years and is not dependent on temperature or humidity. The material is also free of slip-stick, which is not allowed in this application.

Further applications for this material include: low noise bearings, slides in textile ovens which require extra smooth running and high pressure bearings. The material can injection moulded as well as extruded into rod-stock.

Key properties:

  • Flexural strength: 160 MPa
  • Flexural modulus: 8,1 GPa
  • Continuous use temperature: 180-200 C
  • Isotropic shrinkage
  • Very low wear
  • Low and very constant coefficient of friction
  • No Slip-Stick