PEI-2014-312: Low noise, high temperature bearing grade

WITCOM PEI 2014/312 Low noise, high temperature bearing grade

Unlubricated thermoplastic bearings tend to be noisy and lead to unwanted buzzes and squeaks. An example of this is the bearings that are used in an electrically active spoiler mechanism. Since these bearings are mounted in the mechanism before the panting process, the use of an external lubricant is not possible. For this purpose, Witcom PEI 2014/312 was developed: the material does not have any slip-stick and has a coefficient of friction which hardly shows any variation over time, independent on moisture and humidity.

Since the parts are suspended with the bearing during the electrostatic painting process, this material has a degree electrical conductivity.  The PEI base material ensures the bearings do not change shape during the curing process. The thermal expansion of the material is low and is constant over the entire temperature range from -40 to +180 °C.  It also has excellent resistance against abrasive wear.

The overall property profile of this material make it ideally suited for high temperature bearings and applications with high abrasive wear.

Key properties:

Extremely low wear
Very smooth, slip stick free running
Low noise generation
Excellent load bearing capabilities up to 190° C
Flexural strength: 200 MPa
Flexural Modulus: 11 GPa
CLTE: 16 10⁻⁶ – K⁻¹
Surface resistivity: 10³ – 10⁶ Ohm/sq