PPS-2016/167: Bearing grade for potable water

Witcom PPS-2016/167: bearing grade for potable water

Parts that come into contact with potable water need to meet stringent health & safety demands and undergo extensive testing to ensure that no harmful chemicals can leach into the water. Witcom has a lot of experience with this market, and offers a number of compliant bearing grades.

Witcom PPS-2016/167 is a unique material that offers carbon fibre reinforcement as well as meeting the demands of this industry. It contains a special lubricant package which was developed specifically for underwater running conditions. The base polymer is resistant to hydrolysis, so this grade is also suitable for hot water applications. Since PPS hardly takes up any moisture, the parts remain dimensionally stable and do not swell.

The material has a thermal expansion which is similar to metals, ensuring a constant tolerance field over a wide temperature range. Witcom specializes in developing grades for problems that are specific to your market area. Feel free to contact us so we can help you find solutions.

Do you have any questions about bearing materials? Contact us at lubricated@witcombv.nl.

Key properties:

  • Compliant with potable water regulations
  • Excellent underwater wear and friction performance
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Thermal expansion in the same range as metals
  • Resistant against hot water