PBT-2006-307-HR-HS High load bearing grade with excellent thermal resistance

Witcom PBT-2006/307-HR-HS: high load bearing grade with excellent thermal resistance

Thermoplastic bearings offer many advantages: they have excellent corrosion resistance, generate less noise than metal components and are lower weight. Witcom offers an extensive range of bearing grades which allow grease-free operation.

A case in point: Witcom PBT-2006/307-HR-HS. This grade offers a very low coefficient of friction, not only against steel, but also against a wide range of other engineering thermoplastics. It offers good wear resistance and compressive strength, which enables high surface pressure operating conditions. The PBT base polymer has low moisture absorption, so the parts are dimensionally stable. To avoid degradation of the polymer when run under high temperature humid conditions, the material has been stabilized against hydrolysis. It also has enhanced thermal stability, allowing problem free operation for many thousands of hours at 140°C.

This combination of properties makes Witcom PBT-2006/307-HR-HS an outstanding general purpose bearing grades that can be used under a wide variety of operating conditions. It is widely used in automotive and industrial applications.

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Key properties:

  • Bearing material for high temperature, high humidity conditions
  • Operating window from -40°C to +140°C for thousands of hours
  • High compressive strength
  • Low friction against steel as well as engineering thermoplastics
  • Low wear, even under high loads
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Broad chemical resistance