“Green” roof on Wittenburg B.V., a small act with a large impact

The process of getting the green roof installed on Wittenburg has been in the making for a while and in January of 2023 the installation started. The roof was completed shortly thereafter in February 2023, making the offices of Wittenburg even more sustainable.

For Wittenburg there were many reasons why installing this green roof was an attractive alternative to the former gravel covering.

  • Absorbing rainwater
  • Cleaner air
  • Lower ambient temperature
  • Better indoor climate
  • Energy savings through better heat and cold insulation
  • Increasing biodiversity
  • Increasing the mental and physical health of the employees

Preparing for extreme weather as well as employee satisfaction are high on our priority list, finding a green sustainable solution for both problems was a big motivator to make the choice of having the green roof installed. Another added benefit of the green roof is that there is less pollution created and spread, the roof will have an increased product life and the excess water wont run of the building. This will help lower the impact on the municipal water system.

We hope to help inspire other companies to also look at how they can become more sustainable. For Wittenburg sustainability is an ever active mentality and action. The green roof along with our heat recovery system that allows us to use waste heat to heat the building helps us to maintain a nice office climate without the use of natural gas. In addition we have 800 solar panels on our roof and compensate our remaining electricity usage by green energy certificates. It is through these running sustainability actions that we hope to achieve our net zero goals.