EFQM 3-star recognition

4月 4, 2022


Thanks to the hard work of all our employees, the Wittenburg Group is proud to announce that we have received our EFQM 3-star recognition!

On February 24, our Vice-Director, Anne Looije-Traa and Global Quality Assurance Manager, Jeroen P. Vaartjes MA received the official presentation of our EFQM Business Excellence 3-star recognition from INK.Next by Ruud Stassen, Ferrie Aalders, and our customer Philips by Peter Wagner and Simon Braaksma.

This makes the Wittenburg Group the first company in the Netherlands to obtain this recognition based on the new Business Excellence model. This journey gave meaningful insights and will bring Wittenburg, Witcom, and Xunfeng closer to their mission: ‘We improve the quality of life by creating innovative materials’. It is our vision to obtain this together with our customers and partners. Would you have any questions or do you want to know more about this achievement and the EFQM model, please contact.

You can watch the ceremony and highlights in the video link below.

Wittenburg will attend Compamed International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany

11月 12, 2021


Our experts are getting ready to attend the next big medical conference in Europe, Compamed International Trade Fair from November 15th to 18th, 2021. The exhibition is held in Düsseldorf, Germany and will house over 491 exhibitors. You can find Wittenburg in Hall 13 at stand 13C33.

Wittenburg has developed specialty plastic compounds to comply with the strict regulations of the medical industry. Our Cawiton Medical grades make great solutions for medical devices, tubes, stoppers and closures, wire and cable, dental tools, infusion bags, catheters, needle shields, syringe gaskets, etc.

Come visit our booth and speak to one of our experts to learn more about our specialty plastic compounds for the medical industry.

Our attendance at Pharmapack

Wittenburg Group’s next stop: Pharmapack Exhibition in Paris

10月 8, 2021

The Wittenburg Group, a family-owned business and global expert in plastics and thermoplastic elastomer compounds for highly regulated niche markets, will be attending the Pharmapack Exhibition and Conference in Paris, France on October 13 and 14, 2021 at booth B88. Come visit our booth and speak to one of our experts to learn more about our specialty plastics compounds and how we can meet your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Our Cawiton brand has developed specific compounds to be used for primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging that adhere to the required EU and FDA regulations. Cawiton is your preferred choice if you want to replace your current material solution with a more sustainable solution. We look into every aspect of our supply chain to ensure sustainable business practices are being made, safety is a priority so we ensure there are minimal risks for human beings in the end-use of consumer products, and we also take the environment into consideration when we design our materials by choosing what makes the least impact on the environment so we can move towards a cleaner, more sustainable future of plastics together.

View the full news article here.

Wittenburg Group ready to attend MedTech Innovation Expo in Birmingham, UK

9月 24, 2021

The Wittenburg Group, a family-owned business and global expert in plastics and thermoplastic elastomer compounds for highly regulated niche markets, will be attending the MedTech Innovation Expo in Birmingham, UK from September 28 to 29, 2021 at stand C50. Come visit our stand and speak to one of our experts to learn more about our specialty plastics compounds and how we can meet your application needs.

View the full press release.

Plastics Charge ahead in EVs

4月 13, 2021

Fast reactions
Customised speciality plastics compounder Witcom Engineering Plastics believes the ever-changing requirements of the EV industry means there is a need to be able to react quickly. “Even though new requirements for EV cars are not all known or set by Tiers and OEMs yet, our agility and material know-how help us build new solutions quickly together with our customers,” says Christine Van Bellingen, Business Development Manager, Conductive Compounds.

“Metal replacement for weight reduction, coupled with electrification and digitalisation, open new opportunities for EMI shielded plastics compounds. The challenge is to keep performance at lower thickness and at an acceptable cost. At Witcom, we have developed cost-effective EMI solutions to shield over various frequencies, making the switch from metal to functionalised plastics more attractive to the automotive industry. Final parts include sensors and housings,” she says.

“For over 15 years, we have been the worldwide reference supplier of radar absorption compounds used in RF absorbers and brackets for blind-spot detection and cross-traffic alert, for example. Our radar grades are based on many different poly­mers, including PA, PP, PBT and PC. This proven safety experience, together with the trust built over the years with our customers, make development engineers confident of specifying them for autono­mous driving systems up to the highest levels,” Van Bellingen says.

Aside from the obvious mechanical, electrical and fire properties, the move to electric vehicles brings some perhaps less obvious requirements. “EVs make no noise. This means that any squeaking noise inside the car is uncomfortable. For that reason, we have seen an increase in demand for low friction, low wear technical compounds. For instance, our lubricated PA compounds exhibit a stable coefficient of friction over time, which is also independent of temperature and humidity, resulting in constant low wear and low noise. Applications include gears and bearings. PTFE-free solutions are part of our offering,” says Van Bellingen.

“There is some hope – although movement is slow so far – that new developments in the battery field will include more speciality plastics solutions to reduce weight and fabrication steps,” she says. “The two major fields that have been overlooked are EMI shielding and thermal conductivity for battery housings and cooling systems. However, technical targets are complex and intelligent mixed materials solutions will certainly have to be considered.” Van Bellingen says she sees one of Witcom’s key strengths is its ability to formulate compounds with multiple properties, combining EMI shielding, thermal conductivity and flame retardancy, for example.

Click here to read the article from Compounding World


Innovative options to tackle static and ESD

3月 1, 2021

Wittenburg Group company Witcom Engineering Plastics specialises in development and production of electrically conductive compounds based on a wide range of polymers. It says conductive POM (acetal) is gaining a lot of attention for semi-finished materials used during manufacturing and assembly of electronic components.

“We can produce conductive POM that our customers can extrude safely up to more than 200 mm thick slabs and rod stocks without any stress cracking or gas bubbles on cross sections during further machining,” says Christine Van Bellingen, Business Development Manager for Conductive Materials at the company.

“In another direction, motivated by the corona pandemic, our conductive TPE grades offer touch-free solutions as well as tight profiles and sealing solutions,” she says.

Witcom has customers in the automotive industry already using its radar absorption compounds in the latest radar systems for blind spot detection, cross-traffic alert and more. Opportunities are also seen across the broader EV sector. “While electrifica­tion and digitalisation of cars generate more electro-magnetic interferences, the trend for lower energy consumption and light weighting calls for more plastics. Our latest generation of cost-effective EMI shielding plastics compounds clearly opens new perspectives for metal replacement as well as for metal coating alternatives,” says Udo Schwestka, Business Development Manager for Radar Absorbing Materials.

Read the full article from Compounding World here.

Read the entire Feb-March issue from Compounding World here.

Careful Selection is the Key to Defeating Wear

2月 18, 2021


Witcom Engineering Plastics has developed a broad range of lubricated engineering plastic compounds for such applications with what it describes as outstanding wear and friction proper­ties. “We see an increasing demand of low wear and friction compounds. In automobiles, buzzing, squeaks and rattles need to be kept to a minimum, as nowadays they are very noticeable, especially in electric vehicles,” says Bram Willemen, the com­pany’s Business Development Manager for Lubricated Compounds.

PPS 2014 316

Wear resistance has to be considered alongside other mechanical requirements, according to the company. A recent project for a metal/plastic bearing/shaft combination assembly incorporating a component in its Witcom PPS-2014/316 grade illustrates this. The compound contains a proprietary high-performance lubricant system in which the coefficient of linear thermal expansion is adjusted to be in the same range as the metal elements. As a result, the bearing/shaft combination remains within the required tight tolerance field over a temperature range from -40°C to over +200°C.

Read the full article from Compounding World here:
CW February 2021 – Careful selection is the key to defeating wear

Full February 2021 Edition Compounding World

Conductive PES compound developed with Miki-Plastik for new high temperature PCB magazines

12月 15, 2020

Witcom Engineering Plastics, part of Wittenburg Group, worked closely with injection moulder Miki-Plastik in a project to make new PCB magazines, which house and transport PCBs during their automated assembly process. For its high temperature magazine, Witcom needed an electrically conductive high temperature plastic.

Witcom Miki Conductive PES

Marcus Weiland, Managing Director at Miki-Plastik, says: “The vertical guide rack is a large, flat part that needs to be moulded within tight tolerances without any warpage. It also needs to be electrically conductive for ESD protection, and withstand impact loads, and, for our high temperature range, temperatures in excess of 130°C. We consulted with a large number of suppliers for a suitable raw material; Witcom Engineering Plastics was the only one to pick up this challenge.”

Witcom selected PES as the base polymer, as it can withstand temperatures of up 180°C, is inherently flame retardant and can be moulded within tight tolerances. Piotr Zgnilec, Lead Engineer in conductive thermoplastics at Witcom, says: “To achieve the conductivity needed for the ESD protection and some reinforcement, we could not use carbon fibre, because that would cause the parts to warp. Using conductive carbon black however, causes PES to become rather brittle. In close co-operation with Miki-Plastik we developed a new formulation based on a unique conductive carbon black, which did not show brittleness and had enough flow to fill these large tools. Witcom PES-EC is a multi-purpose grade which can be injection moulded as well as extruded.” Christine Van Bellingen, Business Development Manager for conductive applications, adds: “Other potential market areas we are looking at include conductive high temperature sheet and other components for electronics manufacturing.”

Read the full article from Injection World here.

Or view the full November/December 2020 issue from Injection World here.

The Wittenburg Group developed together with WIKA a blue coloured conductive compound with multiple additional properties

7月 8, 2020

In order to operate safely, it is vital that equipment that runs in explosive environments does not generate sparks or arcs. Electro static discharge results in sparks, for this reason plastics that are used in these environments have to be electrically conductive, so that it is impossible for electro static charges to build up. Industry standards refer to ATEX norms: the resistivity of the parts must be <109 Ohm/sq for ESD control, no spark generation, no explosion.

The Wittenburg Group is a leading supplier of conductive compounds based on a wide range of plastics, from polyolefins up to PEEK (PP, TPE, PA, POM, PBT, PPS… ). Most conductive materials are black, because many conductive additives are carbon based. There are conductive applications however, where coloured material is required.

Case in point: the WIKA Universal Process Transmitter (UPT) to measure pressure, volume and tank height even in extreme conditions. Apart from conductivity (ATEX and electro-magnetic compatibility), WIKA needed this material to meet an exacting property profile: low flammability, good impact resistance, high dimensional stability to ensure fluid/dust tightness, UV resistance and coloured in the signature blue colour. Christine Van Bellingen, market development manager for conductive materials at Witcom-Wittenburg Group, comments: “Together with WIKA, we developed a solution that fitted the extensive property profile. Our R&D department, together with our colour lab were able to tweak the formulation to get the colour within the WIKA specification.”

The compound is based on a PC/PBT blend which has been modified to reach a UL94 V0 rating. Christine Van Bellingen adds: ”This product exemplifies what Wittenburg Group excels at. Each property individually is not too difficult to achieve, but getting the combination of all requirements is really challenging.”

The Wittenburg Group is a leading supplier of speciality engineering plastics compounds. For more information on our products, please contact conductive@witcombv.nl

The Wittenburg Group and INK.next together on the road to Excellence

5月 26, 2020

On May 1st, Anne Looije-Traa, Deputy Director Wittenburg Group and Harold Pauwels, Business Unit Manager NEN, concluded a cooperation agreement on behalf of INK.next. INK.next will support Wittenburg Group in realizing its strategic direction, using the new organization development model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Wittenburg Group will assume a pilot role for INK.next as part of the collaboration. Besides Signify that participated in the test phase of the EFQM model, the organization is the first Dutch company to work with the model.

Anne Looije-Traa: “Wittenburg Group has always set high standards for its own performance, but with the recent refinement of our strategy we raised the bar and explicitly stated that we want to be an excellent organization. We expect INK.next and the application of the new EFQM model to help us do that. ”

“Wittenburg Group is a great development partner for INK.next. The company is innovative, has appealing customers and is active internationally. In addition, it is a family business that operates quickly and agile in the market, “said Harold Pauwels.

Jeroen Vaartjes, Global Quality Assurance Manager, accompanies the development process on behalf of Wittenburg Group. His ambition: “Take the lead in transformation, in-depth improvement and delivering value, business excellence!”

Ruud Stassen will supervise the development process from INK.next. “A great challenge to be able to use the power of INK.next and the new EFQM model in an organization with ambition and the willingness to learn together. A challenge to perform excellently also for INK.next “.

Wittenburg contributes to study published by Nature

12月 20, 2019

Wittenburg is proud to have participated in the Hospital study which is published on Dec 12th on Nature!

Impact of alternative materials to plasticized PVC infusion tubings on drug sorption and plasticizer release.
Read more

Wear Resistant Plastics 2019, AMI Conference, Düsseldorf (Germany), 11-12 December 2019

11月 25, 2019

Witcom will give a presentation on the potential of lubricated plastics compounds for noise reduction. This has become a major criterion especially in the automotive industry. Come and join us to the event or contact us to get the  perfect solution to your needs.

For more information, click here

To register yourself, please click here

Wear Resistant Plastics 2019, AMI Conference, Düsseldorf (Germany), 11-12 December 2019

Wittenburg is nominated!

10月 23, 2019

Wittenburg in Zeewolde is nominated for entrepreneur of the year 2020!

The three candidates for the title “Entrepreneur of the Year” are known. They are: (dairy) livestock farming Ik Ben Boer; manufacturer of infant formula Picomel and plastic developer and manufacturer Wittenburg.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, January 16, 2020 during the New Year’s meeting of the Bedrijfskring in the Lux conference center in Zeewolde.

The Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 is automatically nominated for the “Flevopenning Top Onderneming 2020”. This medal will be awarded on 21 February 2020 during the Flevopenningen Gala by Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

COMPAMED – 18 to 21 November 2019

10月 1, 2019

Wittenburg Group will be present at Compamed 2019 exhibition. We will be happy to welcome you from 18 untill 21st of November at our booth.

Our booth is located Hall 8-A / P31

See you then in Düsseldorf !


Kunststoffenbeurs Veldhoven

9月 16, 2019

Wittenburg will be present at Kunststoffenbeurs 25 & 26 september. Meet us at stand 19

Register your free visit: kunststoffenbeurs.nl

Visit us at the IAA 2019 in Frankfurt

8月 30, 2019

Witcom will be present at Frankfurt  IAA 2019. We will be happy to welcome you from September 10 to 13.

Our booth is located Hall 4.1 / B06

See you then in Frankfurt!


4月 29, 2019

WITCOM Engineering Plastics is an invited speaker to the panel discussion on ‘The future of technical compounding and strategies for success’ organised by AMI during its Compounding World Congress conference. Come and join us to this important plastics industry event! 


2月 25, 2019

Wittenburg集团旗下的最新成员珠海巽丰特种塑料有限公司目前已在新工厂运营, 并将于2019年3月1日正式开业。

珠海是上世纪 8 0年代成立的最早的经济特区之一, 根据中国社会科学院 2 0 1 4年发布的一份报告, 珠海是中国最宜居的城市。

新工厂建立在代表着创新、医疗和可持续发展的产业工业园区, 因此与我们在巽丰和Wittenburg集团的经营视野和质量、使命、信念相匹配。通过将我们的新工厂带到这个工业区, 巽丰希望帮助改善近邻、员工的生活水平, 并致力于在该地区创造一个可持续的环境。


巽丰工厂采用成熟的国际技术和质量体系, 为亚洲市场提供医疗器械、药品包装、以及直接接触食品、饮用水的高品质TPE 和特种工程塑料产品。我们的工程塑料常用于汽车、交通、航空、电子电气及工业产品的高技术性能的化合物。我们建设工厂的主要原因是为在中国现有的客户群提供成熟可信赖的产品。

新的巽丰工厂拥有多条产能不同的生产线, 一个设备齐全的质量控制实验室, 重要的是:使用的都是高品质、完全合格的原材料。

Wittenburg集团致力于从事软TPE 材料和特种工程塑料化合物的设计和生产。100多年来,Wittenburg在技术成就、创新、质量和可靠性方面建立了良好的国际声誉。公司集团以强大的研发理念为基础, 能够为高度监管的市场提供技术解决方案。

通过3个生产基地, Wittenburg集团可以灵活的为全球的客户提供基于30多种基础树脂,从10公斤到整货柜的批量专用化合物。


Official opening of new factory on March 1st

2月 25, 2019

Zhuhai Xunfeng Special Plastics Co Ltd., the latest member of the Wittenburg Group is now operating from our new plant and ready for the official grand opening on March 1st  2019.

Zhuhai was one of the original Special Economic Zones established in the 1980s and is according to a report released in 2014 by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences the most liveable city in China.

The industrial zone where the new factory is built on stands for innovative, medical and sustainable industry and therefore matches the mission, vision and quality compounds we produce and believe in at Xunfeng and the Wittenburg Group. By bringing our new factory to this industrial zone Xunfeng wants to help improve residential, employees and daily life in our immediate vicinity and is committed to create a sustainable environment in the region.

Our customers will be supported by a dedicated local Chinese speaking sales team. The intellectual property of Wittenburg Group and its customers are secured by local western management and protective infrastructure.

The Xunfeng facility uses proven international technology and quality systems to support the Asian market with high quality TPE and speciality engineering plastic products as used in medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging and also for products in direct contact with food or drinking water. Our engineering plastics are typically used in technically high performing polymer compounds for automotive, transportation, aviation, electrical / electronic and industrial product applications. Our main reason to build the plant is to supply the existing customer base with proven and reliable products in China.

The new Xunfeng plant has several production lines with different capabilities, a fully equipped quality control lab and importantly uses high quality and fully qualified raw material.

The Wittenburg Group is active in the design and production of soft TPE materials and specialty engineering plastic compounds. For over 100 years, Wittenburg has built a strong international reputation when it comes to technical achievements, innovation, quality and reliability. The company group is based on a strong Research & Development ethos which allows delivering technical solutions for highly regulated markets.

Now with 3 production sites, Wittenburg Group has the flexibility to support customers worldwide with dedicated compounds in batch sizes from 10 kg to full container loads, based on over 30 base resins.


Promolding & The Wittenburg Group organize breakfast meeting!

2月 5, 2019

There is a medical version of almost all plastic materials, but where do you have to pay attention to when choosing materials in order to meet the strictest quality standards?
To get the answer to this question we would like to invite you for the breakfast session that Promolding organizes on Thursday 21 February 2019 in cooperation with The Wittenburg Group.

In this session we will discuss together with the material specialists from Promolding and The Wittenburg Group what you should look out for when selecting materials for products in the medical sector.

  • What are medical materials?
  • Which classes exist?
  • Which regulations and European quality standards have to be met?
  • What material modifications are possible?
  • What must production meet?

Wittenburg BV is a qualified medical compounder who develops and produces soft thermoplastic elastomers and special technical plastics according to ISO 13485. We have the flexibility in our organization to support our customers with special products for smaller and specialist applications.

Promolding BV specializes in the design, engineering and injection molding of high-tech plastic products and in particular in the medical sector. The strength of Promolding is that it is a knowledge center, developer and producer in one.

  • Thursday 21 February 2019 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am
  • Free admission
  • Including breakfast
  • There is a limited number of places available, register quickly.
  • Location: Laan van Ypenburg 108, The Hague
  • Language: Dutch
  • Register: Click here!

For more information please contact Janneke van Munster (Promolding) 0031 (0) 70 307 47 30 or e-mail: jvm@promolding.nl

Visit us at Pharmapack 2019 in Paris

11月 28, 2018

Wittenburg Group will be present at  Pharmapack 2019 exhibition. We will be happy to welcome you from February 6 & 7.

Our booth is located Hall 7.2 K49

See you then at Paris, Porte de Versailles

Visit us at Compamed 2018 in Düsseldorf

11月 9, 2018

Wittenburg Group will be present at Compamed 2018 exhibition. We will be happy to welcome you from November 12 to 15.

Our booth is located Hall 8-A / P31

See you then in Düsseldorf !

Impact of Brexit on supply

11月 9, 2018

The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on March 29th 2019. In case no withdrawal agreement can be negotiated there will be no contract regulating the trade relationship between the UK and EU. As a consequence, custom controls at the border between the UK and EU will be installed, which most probably will slow down the import/export process and most probably will increase costs. Even if a trade agreement is negotiated this could change the current trade relationship and lead to similar effects.

To view our statement for EU companies, please click here

To view our statement for UK companies, please click here

Temperature monitoring capsule

9月 25, 2018

Core temperature and especially overheating of a runner’s core can be a major health risk at running events. In 2014, a healthy young adult died because of cardiac arrest caused by overheating of the core body.

MyTemp BV is start-up company based in Nijmegen that aims to develop an innovative, reliable, plug and play and affordable system to measure core temperature. The Mytemp capsule was successfully tested at the “Dam to Dam” run, a Dutch 16.1 km (10 miles) running event.

The Wittenburg Group’s Research and Development team closely cooperated with MyTemp to develop material needed for the body monitoring capsule. In 2018, Wittenburg supplied MyTemp with the special granulate to form the capsule successfully used in today’s Dam tot Dam run.

The capsule and Mytemp was aired by RTL Nieuws and can be viewed here (Dutch news)

Click here to view our PDF leaflet.

Conductive Plastics 2018, Vienna (Austria), 6-7 November 2018

9月 19, 2018

A presentation will be given by WITCOM Engineering Plastics on “Optimising compound performance – Adding other key properties to the electrical conductivity”. Formulating electrically conductive compounds requires experience and know-how. The job even looks more difficult when the base polymer is an engineering plastic, and when the conductivity should come together with additional technical requirements. As an example, some applications require formulations to be electrically conductive, high impact resistant, flame retardant and colourable. Our broad experience with the realisation of complex conductive compounds matching multiple requirements will be illustrated through applications and results. As a specialty engineering plastics compounder, we are keen to develop the adequate solution to your needs. We can help you whenever you need more than electrical conductivity.

Kunststoffen 2018, Veldhoven (The Netherlands), 26-27 September 2018 – booth 19

8月 27, 2018

Come and meet with WITTENBURG and WITCOM Engineering Plastics representatives. We will provide you the solution to your needs, when polymers or more standard compounds cannot match the end-use requirements for your injection moulded or extruded parts. Our expertise is the development and production of customised plastics, engineering plastics and thermoplastic elastomer compounds for various end markets: automotive, industrial, HVAC, mining, transportation, E&E, medical devices, food processing, appliances, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics. We compound all plastics, from polyolefins up to PEEK (PE, PA, PC, PBT, POM, PPS, TPE-S, ABS, PLA…). We can give an unlimited number of functionalities to the plastics including electrical conductivity (ESD, ATEX, EMI shielding), high temperature resistance, lubrication, flame retardancy, high impact, drinking water contact, medical compliance, special colouration, thermal conductivity, barrier properties… or any combined properties.

Performance Polyamides 2018, Cologne (Germany), 5-6 September 2018

8月 27, 2018

A presentation will be given by WITCOM Engineering Plastics on “Exploring the potential of aramid fibres in PA compounds”. Aramid fibres are one type of additive that we use to design lubricating compounds, when extreme high wear resistance to metal parts is required. Other lubricating additives will be described and multiple examples and results detailed. As a specialty engineering plastics compounder, we are keen to develop the adequate solution to your needs.

Witcom achieves major milestone towards four star BREEAM environmental certification

5月 28, 2018

Witcom Engineering plastics, part of the Wittenburg Group, recently took on the next step towards 4-star certification under the BREEAM  environmental certification systems. This is in line with the vision of Witcom and the Wittenburg Group to operate even more sustainable for a better future.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), first published by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in 1990, is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. More than 250,000 buildings have been BREEAM-certified and over a million are registered for certification – in more than 50 countries worldwide.

During expansion of the Witcom factory in Etten-Leur back in 2016, first steps were being made to achieve the highest possible BREEAM certification. With the recent activation of the PV-panels, the highest rating of four stars is now in sight for full certification early 2019.



3月 6, 2018

展会地址: 上海国家会展中心

展会日期: 2018.4.24-27

欢迎莅临我司展位: 7.2P35

随着中国橡塑行业30多年来的不断发展, Chinaplas已经成为行业内的盛会和商业平台,同时对行业的繁荣发展做出了巨大的贡献。 目前, Chinaplas不仅是亚洲最大的塑料和橡胶交易会,也是此行业广为人知的第二大最具影响力的世界级展会。 其重要性仅次于全球首屈一指的橡塑展-德国K展。

The Wittenburg Group is hiring

2月 2, 2018

We are hiring! Wittenburg Group would like to announce new vacant positions! See our Vacancies page for more information.

PRODUCTIEMEDEWERKER –  OPERATOR 3 ploegen dienst –  Zeewolde, The Netherlands

Dutch: Je bent werkzaam in de productie. Taken zijn onder andere de voormengers, extruders en randapparatuur bedienen alsmede de kwaliteit van de materialen beoordelen.


You will be leading the production operations and contributing to the growth of the company.


TECHNICAL SALES MANAGER – Engineering plastics – China

Realization of sales in new markets and at new accounts. Contributing to the realization of the growth targets of the Wittenburg group.

Wittenburg Group announces new grades for cosmetic applications

10月 11, 2017

After extensive research and testing, the Wittenburg Group is proud to announce new standard grades for cosmetic applications.

At the Wittenburg Group we offer standard and tailored grades for cosmetic applications.

Our compounds comply with the food contact regulations (FDA & EU) as well as the EC n°1223-2009 and are free of halogens, DEHP, latex and endocrine disruptors.

Our portfolio is designed for several kinds of cosmetic packaging:

  • Mascara brushes: Cawiton® COB88, COB96, COB32HR, COB90HR, COB92HR
  • Droppers & nipples: Cawiton® COD50, COD50HR, COD70, COD70HR
  • Applicators & spatula: Cawiton® COS20, COS50, COS74HR
  • Wiper: Cawiton® COW70

HR (high resistance) means that some grades are a better cosmetic bulk resistance (make-up…) versus “standard SEBS” with the same hardness.

Our strength is to customise our formulations to reach customer’s requirements like soft touch, elasticity, DRC, hardness, colour, 2K moulding (adhesion on polar grades), odour free, barrier properties, regulatory…

We support you with:

  • Elastomeric (NR, NBR, TPV, TPU etc.), silicone replacement.
  • 2K moulding on PP, PE, PBT, PA, PC, SAN etc. for grips and gaskets.
  • Soft-touch with slippery and velvet touch
  • Detectable solutions (X-ray or magnetic).
  • Magnetic or high-density solutions.
  • Coloured solutions.
  • Laser marking, ink printing.
  • Green bio-plastics.

All batches are produced following the GMP and in a medical environment ISO 13485: 2003/2012.

Due to our business in pharmaceutical & food packaging we have a strong regulatory support.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for cosmetic standard and tailored grade TPE compounds.

Article: Introduction of a new series of medical TPE compound

10月 11, 2017

In the latest edition of TPE magazine, we proudly announce the introduction of our new Cawiton® MT 2.0 series.

Twenty years ago, the Wittenburg Group debuted with the introduction of the medical series Cawiton MT. This highly customisable material series combined the performance of rubbers with the processing properties of plastics, delivering sophisticated design opportunities through a wide and flexible range of products.

Now the time has come to reveal our new medical series: MT 2.0.

Continue reading

UPDATE: 巽丰工厂已恢复生产

8月 28, 2017



台风天鸽致使位于中国广东省珠海市的巽丰工厂的停工。由于我们的预防措施,巽丰没有产生影响后期生产的损失.但是,两场台风导致23~27号期间巽丰没有网络,水,通讯以及电力供应,这导致我们在23~27号之间没有收到任何邮件。 巽丰今日(8月28日)已恢复生产以及货物运输,请知悉。



Anne Traa,
General Manager Xunfeng


Alberto Dozeman,
Director Marketing & Sales Wittenburg Group



Xunfeng HATO台风天鸽对巽丰工厂的影响

8月 24, 2017





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Alberto Dozeman,
Director Marketing & Sales Wittenburg Group


The Wittenburg Group launches new website

5月 4, 2017

Today, The Wittenburg Group is proud to announce the launch of it’s new, modern and responsive website.

The Wittenburg Group consist of Wittenburg B.V located in Zeewolde, The Netherlands, Witcom Engineering Plastics B.V. located in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands and Zhuhai Xunfeng Special Plastics Co., Ltd located in Zhuhai, P.R. China.  These three companies, part of The Wittenburg Group, work closely with each other to innovate for you.

With this in mind, we have developed our new website, combining all three companies in one website-design under the name of The Wittenburg Group.

Fully optimized for mobile devices and with HTTPS security, our new site will allow you to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Whether you’re at your desk or on the move. How may we help you?

Xunfeng will attend the Chinaplas Guangzhou

5月 1, 2017

Xunfeng will attend the Chinaplas Guangzhou show from May 16 – 19, 2017.

Accompanying the growth of China’s plastics and rubber industries for over 30 years, Chinaplas has become a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries and has also largely contributed to their prosperous development. At present, Chinaplas is not only the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia, it is also widely recognized by the industry as the 2nd most influential exhibition in the world. Its significance is surpassed only by K Fair in Germany, the world’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair.


Xunfeng will attend the CMEF Shanghai

5月 1, 2017

Xunfeng will attend the CMEF Shanghai show from May 15 – 18, 2017 with Task Force Health Care in Holland Pavilion.

China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), launched in 1979, is held twice annually – spring and autumn. After over 37 years of continuous innovation and self-improvement, CMEF has become the largest fair of medical devices, related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region. The fair widely covers 15,000 products such as medical imaging, IVD equipment and reagent, medical electronics, medical optics, first aid, rehabilitation devices, nursing, telemedicine, wearable devices and outsourcing services, and it serves the entire value chain of medical devices from the source to the end in a direct and all-round way.

Wittenburg Group extents its product portfolio with CAWITON® BIO range.

1月 16, 2017

Wittenburg is now happy to announce the launch of its bioplastic range named CAWITON® BIO.  Bioplastics are a diverse range of polymer molecules each having a unique set of characteristics. The properties of bioplastics can range from non-biodegradable as most conventional plastics to completely biodegradable. Some bioplastics are based on fossil resources like oil but more and more bioplastics are based on renewable resources like plants or bacteria.

Traditionally Wittenburg is a compounder of conventional plastics for medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and drink water contact applications. Clean manufacturing under GMP standards and a medical (ISO 13485) quality system do assure that the final compounds do comply with the most stringent regulations.

Wittenburg is now happy to announce the launch of its bioplastic range. Currently the following products are available:

  • Cawiton® Bio 1000 series – Our (high purity) Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) products
  • Cawiton® Bio 2000 series – Our high quality Biopolymer blends
  • Cawiton® Bio 3000 series – Our Biodegradable product line for flexible food packaging  and 3D  applications
  • Cawiton® Bio 4000 series – Our broad plastics portfolio with Bio-fillers for TPE-S .

Wittenburg has the ambition to extend its product offering for the above markets with compounded bioplastic solutions. Investments are available to extend the production capabilities upon customer requests. Furthermore, Wittenburg will develop compounds based on bio-plastics for drug release or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) applications. These bio-plastics compounds will be used for to assist in the repair of tissues or to replace non functional tissue and have to meet the most stringent regulations. Partners interested in the development of bioplastic compounds solutions are invited to contact Wittenburg for a first discussion. Wittenburg has resources available to start long term innovate development programs.



珠海巽丰特种塑料有限公司—— Wittenburg 集团的在华工厂,获得了 ISO13485 认证!

6月 1, 2016

集团的最新成员,坐落在中国广东省珠海市的珠海巽丰特种塑料有限公司获得了综 合质量管理体系 ISO13485 认证!巽丰公司通过使用成熟的国际技术及质量体系生产符合医疗 行业标准的高分子化合物,以支持亚洲市场。在华设立工厂的主要目的,也是为了在亚洲供应 给现有客户群体成熟可靠的产品。取得 ISO13485 认证使得巽丰,在可以通过成熟可靠的产品 支持国内的医疗器械及药包材制造商并最小化人类的潜在风险上,跨出了重要的一步。同时, 巽丰也是第一家通过 ISO 9001:2015 新标准的中国公司。

巽丰工厂的年产能为 6500 吨,拥有设施完善的实验室。更重要的是,巽丰使用高质量且完全 合格的原材料。客户也会通过中国内地精通中英文语言的销售团队获得支持与服务。 Wittenburg 集团以及他的客户群体的知识产权通过本地的西方化管理及防护基础设施获得保障。

巽丰是一个为亚洲市场提供高质量 TPE 及特殊工程塑料产品的可靠供应商,产品应用于医疗器 械,药包材以及直接接触食品或者饮用水。巽丰专注于在根据产品的性能要求,最小化并控制 客户以及终端用户的任何风险。客户可以获得专业的研发及产品安全性支持。

Wittenburg 集团专注于设计和生产 TPE 软胶及特殊的工程塑料改性产品。Wittenburg 集团拥有 超过 100 年的历史,并且在技术成果,创新,质量以及可靠性上建立了强大的国际声誉。集团 基于强有力的研发精神,使得我们可以给高度监管市场提供技术解决方案。目前通过 3 个生产 基地,Wittenburg 集团可以灵活的支持世界各地的客户,基于 30 种基础树脂,订购批量灵活 从 10kg 到整集装箱均可供货。

We are now proud to announce our Xunfeng company is now ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

5月 29, 2016

We are now proud to announce our Xunfeng company is now ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Based in Zhuhai, Xunfeng is the latest member of the Wittenburg Group to become operational. The Xunfeng facility uses proven international technology to support the Chinese market with medical compliant and engineering plastic polymer compounds. The plant will support the global customers base of the Wittenburg group but we are keen to supply the local market.

Xunfeng strives to offer the best possible service, support and product quality to its customers and has a strong ambition to improve. This ambition is reflected in an integrated quality management system. This quality system forms the basis for continuous improvement of processes, innovations, products, services and safety for people and planet. We are now proud to announce our Xunfeng company is now ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

The official certificates can be down loaded from our new web site (www.Zhxunfeng.com). Xunfeng is a high quality supplier of TPE products as used in medical devices and Pharmaceutical packaging and also for products in direct contact with food or drinking water for the Asian market. Xunfung is focused on minimising and controlling any risk customers and end users could have regarding the functionality and performance of their products.

Xunfeng can also support customers in their need for pre-coloured or highly specialised Engineering Plastic compounds. The Xunfeng plant has several production lines, a fully equipped quality control lab and importantly uses high quality and fully qualified raw material. Customers will be supported by a dedicated local Chinese speaking sales team and can expect professional R&D and product safety support.

The Wittenburg Group is active in the design and production of soft TPE materials and specialty engineering plastic compounds. For over 100 years, Wittenburg has built a strong international reputation when it comes to technical achievements, innovation, quality and reliability. The company group is based on a strong Research & Development ethos which allows delivering technical solutions for highly regulated markets. Now with 3 production sites, Wittenburg Group has the flexibility to support customers worldwide with dedicated compounds in batch sizes from 10 kg to full container loads, based on over 30 base resins.


Witcom Engineering Plastics B.V. under construction to be ready for future.

2月 1, 2016

Witcom has shown a rapid growth during the first 10 years of its existence. To be ready for the future, Witcom will undergo major construction and expansion. Our product portfolio of highly specialised Engineering plastic compounds developed by our R&D team and produced by our motivated production organisation have been key ingredients for this success.

In order to be ready for the future the Witcom site in Etten-Leur will be upgraded during 2015.

Main improvement which should improve our service to  our customers are:

  • A complete separation of the production halls to prevent contaminations
  • A pilot plant for producing samples equipped with several samples lines
  • A new warehouse with a separate CPR 15 storage.

At  this moment the first two points are implemented and the warehouse will be finalised before the end of the year.

At the same time we improved the suitability of the Witcom site by:

  • Improving the energy and water efficiency
  • Using durable and environmental friendly constructions materials
  • Improving the indoor environment by improving ventilation and lighting
  • Re-use and recycling of demolition waist

This effort will result in an internationally recognized BREEAM-NL with a 4 star rating, meaning a BREEAM EXCELLENT.


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