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At the Wittenburg Group, we are proud of our compounds and take great satisfaction in making our products even better every day. While we are proud of our advanced plastic medical and technical compounds, we understand and are aware of the  impact of cheap & simple plastic waste into our environment and much so oceans and wildlife. Therefore the Wittenburg Group takes actions every day, big and small to lower our ecological & carbon footprint and reduce plastic waste. Currently the Wittenburg Group operates according to the ISO 14001 environmental

quality standard, while our location Wittenburg in Zeewolde is ISO 14001:2015 certified. Our Witcom location and Xunfeng location will follow this certification in the near future.

The Wittenburg Group embraces our highly technical and medical compounds, but we denounce single-use ‘simple’ plastic. Things to improve environment and reduce waste among others are:

Our office and factory in Zeewolde, The Netherlands is newly build in 2011 and



re-uses the heat from our factory to keep the office area heated without the use of additional heating, thus eliminating the need for natural gas heating.

Our Witcom location in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands was renovated in 2016 and currently undergoing a 4-star certification under the BREEAM environmental certification systems.

At the Wittenburg Group, we do not use ‘simple’ single use-plastics, instead we use carton cups and wooden stirrers that are 100% environmental friendly and fully recycled under the Beautiful Cups program.

In the last years, The Wittenburg Group extended the product portfolio with CAWITON® BIO range.



These are compounds made from bio-plastics and are fully degradable. The Wittenburg Group will also heavily focus on more ways to implement bio-plastics into our future product portfolio.

Participating in the Embraced-project in where we try to eliminate AHP waste. This is currently considered a non-recyclable fraction, represents between 2-4% of the total Municipal Solid Waste. What if this waste could be converted into other products, avoiding incineration and reducing greenhouse gases emissions?

Currently we are renewing our company cars, introducing 100% EV and plugin hybrid operations into our fleet. We also provide the option to charge electrical cars at our Witcom and Wittenburg locations.