The Wittenburg Group and together on the road to Excellence

On May 1st, Anne Looije-Traa, Deputy Director Wittenburg Group and Harold Pauwels, Business Unit Manager NEN, concluded a cooperation agreement on behalf of will support Wittenburg Group in realizing its strategic direction, using the new organization development model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Wittenburg Group will assume a pilot role for as part of the collaboration. Besides Signify that participated in the test phase of the EFQM model, the organization is the first Dutch company to work with the model.

Anne Looije-Traa: “Wittenburg Group has always set high standards for its own performance, but with the recent refinement of our strategy we raised the bar and explicitly stated that we want to be an excellent organization. We expect and the application of the new EFQM model to help us do that. ”

“Wittenburg Group is a great development partner for The company is innovative, has appealing customers and is active internationally. In addition, it is a family business that operates quickly and agile in the market, “said Harold Pauwels.

Jeroen Vaartjes, Global Quality Assurance Manager, accompanies the development process on behalf of Wittenburg Group. His ambition: “Take the lead in transformation, in-depth improvement and delivering value, business excellence!”

Ruud Stassen will supervise the development process from “A great challenge to be able to use the power of and the new EFQM model in an organization with ambition and the willingness to learn together. A challenge to perform excellently also for “.