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POM-C 2005/130: Low noise bearing grade

Witcom POM-C 2005/130: Low noise bearing grade


Car interiors are becoming more and more silent. As a result, sliding parts and bearing need to run absolutely silently, with squeaks or buzzes. Witcom POM-C 2005/130 was specially developed for this environment. It has low slip stick and a very constant coefficient of friction. On top of this, the material has higher damping properties than standard POM.

The material does not contain any PTFE and is specially modified to minimize the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This is a material that you will neither hear nor smell.

The material is in use for a wide range of applications, for bearing pads in pedal sensors, indicator components and bearings. It runs silently against metals, but also against reinforced plastics like PA66, PP and PBT.


Key Properties

  • Low noise generation
  • Very smooth running
  • Low VOC
  • Low wear against metals and plastics