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PA66 2014/106 Solution for abrasive wear

Witcom PA66 2014/106 has excellent resistance against abrasive wear.

Moreover, it has excellent abuse resistance, even at sub-zero temperatures. The product was originally developed for the marine industry.

The bearing pads for the hatch closing mechanism on container ships need to work reliably in all circumstances. The hatch slides over the bearing pads and sticking issues lead to costly time loss during the loading process.

Witcom PA66 2014/106 resists it all: heat, cold, dirt sea water or shock loads. On top of this, it has a very constant, low coefficient of friction that does not deteriorate over time, and of course resistance against abrasive wear.

Other applications for this product include rollers for transport belts and bearings. The material has practically no slip stick and the coefficient of friction is very stable over time. This means that any bearings made out of this product run very silently. As a result, this product is also used in automotive bearings, particularly in the car interior.

Key Properties:

  • Very smooth running and low slip-stick
  • Low noise generation
  • Excellent resistance against abrasive wear
  • Excellent abuse resistance