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Cawiton® Bio

Bioplastics are a diverse range of polymer molecules each having a unique set of characteristics. The properties of bioplastics can range from non-biodegradable (as most conventional plastics) to completely biodegradable. Some bioplastics are fossil-based but more and more bioplastics are based on renewable resources such as plants or bacteria. The Wittenburg Group has developed compounded bio-plastics for some market areas.

Our innovations on biodegradable bioplastic compounds for food packaging are:

  • Cawiton® Bio 3000 series – Our biodegradable product line for flexible food packaging and industrial applications.
  • Cawiton® Bio 3100: PLA-starch 80% bio-based with excellent properties.
  • Cawiton® Bio 3200: PLA-starch for 3D printing applications.

We also offer traditional TPE-S with high bioplastic content based on renewable resources for consumer and cosmetic applications:

  • Cawiton® Bio 4000 series – Our broad plastics portfolio with bio-fillers for TPE-S. Light weight, natural look and cost effective.
  • Cawiton® Bio 4100: Wood-filled 65 Shore A TPE.

Bio-plastic compounds for medical and pharmaceutical applications:

  • Cawiton® Bio 1000 series – Our (high purity) Thermoplastic Starch (TPS) products.
  • Cawiton® Bio 1008: High quality TPS for post blending or for API applications.
  • Cawiton® Bio 2000 series – Our high quality biopolymer blends.
  • Cawiton® Bio 2200: Impact modified transparent PLA (TDS).
  • Cawiton® Bio 2800: 55 Shore A TPE with 60% bio-content for soft touch overmoulding applications.


At the Wittenburg Group, we have the ambition to extend our product offering for the above markets with compounded bioplastic solutions. Investments are available to extend the production capabilities upon customer requests. Furthermore, we will develop compounds based on bioplastics for drug release or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) applications.

These bioplastic compounds will be used to assist in the repair or to replace non-functional skin tissue and have to meet the most stringent regulations. Partners interested in the development of bioplastic compounds solutions are invited to contact the Wittenburg Group for an initial discussion. The Wittenburg Group has resources available to start long term innovation development programs.

Please contact our engineers to solve your need for Cawiton® Bio.