Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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API compounds

The Wittenburg Group has the ambition to extend its product offerings in the medical and pharmaceutical markets with polymer compounds containing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) or Active Ingredients (AI).

API containing compounds are applied for the repair of tissues or to replace non-functional tissue and have to meet the most stringent regulations. AI compounds are supporting for example flavour, odour, lubrication or other performance of polymer compounds used for (medical) human contact applications.

The medical quality system (ISO 13485) and medical production infrastructure of the Wittenburg Group in combination with our regulatory expertise will be of key benefit for the development and production of API/AI compounds.

Partners interested in the development of API/AI compound solutions are invited to contact us for an initial discussion. We will invest resources to start long-term API/AI innovation programs.

Please contact our engineers to solve your needs for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) or Active Ingredients (AI).