Impact Typhoon Hato on production site of Xunfeng

The news about the impact of Typhoon Hato on Southern China has been widely covered in almost all news channels. Like the rest of the world, Xunfeng is shocked at the human cost , devastation and suffering caused by Typhoon Hato in southern China, and expresses its deep sympathy to all affected. Fortunately, Xunfeng suffered no casualties.

Typhoon Hato resulted in a shutdown of the Xunfeng production location in Zhuhai, Guangdong province China. At this moment, we are making an estimate of the damage as Xunfeng currently is without electrical power, telephone and internet. Shipments from Xunfeng will probably not be possible in the coming days. Our current expectation is that we will be operational again after this weekend, 28th of August.

For urgent questions, please telephone our employees on their mobile phone numbers. We are also at your service from Wittenburg operations in the Netherlands, +31 (0) 36 20 00 300. For e-mail, please use:

We will inform you with updates concerning the shutdown of Xunfeng and expected start of operations after this weekend through e-mail and on our Wittenburg Group website:

Anne Traa,
General Manager Xunfeng

Alberto Dozeman,
Director Marketing & Sales Wittenburg Group

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