Month: February 2021


Witcom Engineering Plastics has developed a broad range of lubricated engineering plastic compounds for such applications with what it describes as outstanding wear and friction proper­ties. “We see an increasing demand of low wear and friction compounds. In automobiles, buzzing, squeaks and rattles need to be kept to a minimum, as nowadays they are very noticeable, especially in electric vehicles,” says Bram Willemen, the com­pany’s Business Development Manager for Lubricated Compounds.

PPS 2014 316

Wear resistance has to be considered alongside other mechanical requirements, according to the company. A recent project for a metal/plastic bearing/shaft combination assembly incorporating a component in its Witcom PPS-2014/316 grade illustrates this. The compound contains a proprietary high-performance lubricant system in which the coefficient of linear thermal expansion is adjusted to be in the same range as the metal elements. As a result, the bearing/shaft combination remains within the required tight tolerance field over a temperature range from -40°C to over +200°C.

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